About Wilvorst one of our quality suppliers
25th January 2020
About Heirloom Waistcoats
27th January 2020


With more than 40 years of experience and serving the UK wedding trade since 1994, Torre`s deep understanding of the market allowed us to develop a brand working system based in three cornerstones:


The design Manufacturing and control of every single piece that they deliver to there customers are MADE IN PORTUGAL. One of Torre`s company core strengths is based on the fact that they own one of the biggest Western Europe manufacturing companies fully dedicated to formal wear. They are very proud of there manufacturing culture and knowledge accumulated over the last 4 decades.


Innovation is Torre`s motto, allowing us to be one of the most important suppliers of the wedding trade today. We’re constantly looking for new products that meet there customer’s needs and allow them to differentiate ourselves from competitors. New business solutions are introduced to approach the constant changing demands of the marketplace, like there most recent “Quick Service”, based on a fully bespoke approach.


Last, but surely not the least, Torre`s service is second to none. They are the leading supplier in the United Kingdom in Service and Customer Service Skills. Over the last 20 years based on our extremely effective Stock Service Program They are proud to say that Torre are simply the best in the Formal Wear business. There reliability and continuity assurance policies are a reference in the market.

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