The garments will be available for collection on Wednesday before you wedding, after 2.30pm unless arranged otherwise. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE GARMENTS ARE TRIED ON AS SOON AS POSSIBLE If there is anything that is not satisfactory, please report this to us immediately or no later than 10am on the Friday We cannot accept responsibility for any changes needed after this time . Any garments that are not returned to us by 5pm of the Return Date will result in a £10 per day excess charge per suit for every day not returned, this being without exception. If your wedding is NOT on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then alternative arrangements will be made.


If you have paid a premium for the Accidental Damage Waiver, we will waiver any charges that would usually following accidental damage to any or all of the garments (except Top Hats as these are not covered) whilst being used appropriately. The waiver will not apply if in the opinion of ourselves, the garments have become damages through inappropriate use eg. Knee sliding We reserve the right to charge for any garment which is lost, stolen or returned damaged ( unless covered by our Accidental Damage Waver)


In the event of the order being cancelled after 48 hours of the order date, your deposit will be forfeited. In the event of your order being cancelled up to 2 months before your function, you will be charged 50% of the total cost per suit. In the event of your order being cancelled up to 2 weeks before your function date, you will be charged the full cost of your order per suit.


By Cash:- Payable on collection prior to your wedding Credit/Debit Card:- Payable over the phone prior to your wedding